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Decorating with Pumpkins

2 Oct

No, I’m not talking about decorating Pumpkin. He is not a fan of being dressed-up, as you can tell from his less-than-enthused response to the pumpkin hat I tried to get him to wear several years ago for Halloween. He was having none of that.

I’m pretty sure in this photo, he is plotting all the ways he would pay me back for subjecting him to this torture. For some reason, that hat disappeared and I haven’t been able to find it. Hmmm . . . :)

Can you believe it’s already October? Wow. Just wow.

I thought we might do something a little different today. There are a ton of great ideas for Fall decorating with pumpkins floating around on various blogs and websites. I’ll be doing good to implement just one of these ideas, but some of them are so cute and unique that I thought some of you crafty chicks might want to see them.

This is a traditional display, but I love the way the shapes are
partially cut out of the pumpkin so you get the
warm yellow glow through the cutouts.

I love these tiny yellow pumpkin votives.

These pumpkins from Midwest Living look quick & easy
and would be a great project to do with kids.
Remember, not all holiday projects have to be cheesy –
they can look tasteful. {grin}

The Bungalow Blog had the brilliantly creative idea
of using chalkboard paint on their pumpkins.

Of all the ideas I found, this one from Stone Gable Blog
is one of my favorites.
The black and white/cream colors
look so clean and classic.

The argyle pattern from Lolly Jane is
super cute, unique way to take a
non-traditional approach to
decorating with pumpkins.

This idea from Style Me Pretty was
used in a wedding, but would be cute as
monogrammed pumpkins on your porch steps.
I love the simplicity of it
{translation: I love that it looks super easy!}

I really debated about including this one.
{grin} I like houndstooth patterns.
And this one uses duct tape
{is there anything you can’t do with duct tape??}.
My only issue is that this looks awfully
Alabama-Role-Tide-ish. Don’t ya think??

Feeling inspired? I am!
♥ Rachel