Another Way of Looking At It

22 Apr

I found myself a little (ok, a lot) annoyed and frustrated after every news channel and outlet overloaded us with the second-by-second playback of the capture of the youngest Boston bomber this weekend. The amount of time they spent analyzing, replaying, and digging into every aspect of the lives of these two criminals/cowards/terrorists was astonishing.

Who cares, right? Not me.


Tell me about the victims, the brave ones who are still fighting for their lives in the hospital. Tell me about the heroes, you know the true heroes who rushed toward the smoke before they even knew what was happening. Tell me about the officers who poured their heart and soul into finding these people. Tell me about the ones who lost their lives to yet another senseless act of violence.

But don’t tell me about the criminals. I don’t want to know their names, where they’re from or why they did it. I don’t care what their friends think about them, how great they did in school, or if their neighbor thinks they were “very American.”

I wish they would focus on the good ones. Focus on those who have courageous stories to tell – give them the spotlight (if they want it).

Before I knew it, I was all worked up about the media and their incessant coverage of this event (and how they just run every single tragedy/disaster into the ground).

And then I saw this:


And I realized I needed to look at this another way. I could remain annoyed by the ridiculous amount of media coverage of this event or I could be grateful because:

  • I have ears to hear and eyes to see it.
  • I have a brain that works (most of the time!) and can comprehend what they are saying.
  • I have a heart that feels compassion for the victims.
  • I have numerous ways to watch the news – TV, computer, phone.
  • I am alive and well and safe today.

There are an unlimited number of things that can annoy and frustrate us on any given day . . . if we allow them. If you find yourself becoming aggravated today, try to stop your complaints before they grow too big and look at it another way – from a heart of gratitude.



2 Responses to “Another Way of Looking At It”

  1. The Savvy Sister April 22, 2013 at 7:24 am #

    Gratitude is an important part of being healthy! Thanks Rachel!

    • rachturner April 22, 2013 at 10:54 am #

      Isn’t it?? I think a negative, complaining heart can do a lot of damage to a person physically as well as mentally & emotionally.

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