Love Inspired

28 Feb

I have two warm-your-heart-and-make-you-smile videos for you today. I found both of these to be so encouraging and inspiring – glimpses into the goodness of mankind.

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J.J. Watt’s Remarkable Friendship

Faith in Humanity Restored

We are not all famous football players, but all have influence. We do not all have an opportunity on a basketball court to bring joy to a young man’s life, but we all have a platform that we can use to love others. That platform is our life.

Every day, we come in contact with people who could use more of our smile and less of our scowl. Every week, we cross paths with people who could use more of our kindness and less of our grumpiness. Sometimes, these people are in our own homes – they are our very own families. They are also our work families, the people we encounter in stores or at church, and while attending events or participating in activities each and every week.

Is there a mom who sits alone at your child’s soccer game every Saturday? I wonder if she might need a friend, or at the very least – a hello from you. Look at the faces in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. Some of them are so filled with fear they can barely breath. Others are exhausted from the physical pain of their illnesses. Would your smile and a kind word make a difference to them? I’m certain it would.

Nothing we do or say in this lifetime
will matter as much
as the way we loved each other.
Reinhold Niebuhr

Let’s promise each other that we will keep our eyes open for opportunities to do good, be kind, and just plain ‘ole love on those around us. Some opportunities may be slightly inconvenient or might require sacrifice and time investment, but don’t shy away from them because of that. Those may be the people who need you most and those opportunities may be where you find your greatest blessings!

Have a blessed day!


One Response to “Love Inspired”

  1. The Savvy Sister February 28, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    I just showed this video to my daughter yesterday! It’s soooo great! Thanks for posting!

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