4 Blog Posts You Should Read

24 Jan

I subscribe to way more blogs than I can possibly read in a day. Or a week.  Or a lifetime. They’re all so good and I wish I had time to read them all. Sometimes, as I’m skimming the titles, I’ll see a few that catch my attention enough that I’ll read the whole post. I’ve found a few recently that I think are worthy of sharing.


Tracy at Time with Tracy talks about 3 Ways to Be a Remarkable Friend. It’s an interesting perspective and I could learn a lot from her suggestions. So many of us are not necessarily lacking in empathy, we just don’t tap into it enough.

While the idea of praying for your spouse as you fold their underwear is a good one, it’s not what I needed to hear in that moment. I was struggling. My insurmountable laundry wasn’t the problem; it was the symptom.

You can read the rest of Tracy’s post here.

Layla Palmer at The Lettered Cottage has such a great idea for this year! One of her goals is doing random acts of kindness for people, so she had the idea to leave a few anonymous notes for random people in her neighborhood. What a fun idea and great way to perk up someone’s day!

RIGHT before I stuck the sticky note to the mailbox, a mail man came walking through the door, and your girl panicked. I instantly entered a little state-of-being I like to call the Perspiration Station, and proceeded to blurt out something about a “photo project” before he even asked why I was standing there with a camera in one hand, and a sticky note in the other.

You can read the rest of Layla’s post here.

Michael Hyatt is never short on great advice. In his post, Courage Is Not the Absence of Fear, he talks about how he confronted one of his fears – conflict – and dealt with a difficult situation.

Years ago, soon after I became head of one of our publishing divisions, I had to confront one of my authors. He was pleasant and cooperative when I spoke with him. But he was demanding, uncooperative, and downright nasty to my staff. Finally, one of them came to me in tears and said, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t take it any more.”

You can read the rest of Michael’s post here.

Justin Davis at Refine Us has a great piece for any recovering perfectionist and points out some of the struggles perfectionists deal with regularly: unmet expectations, living in defeat, and lacking in joy.

My guess is that some of you are perfectionists too. You have to be perfect at work. You have to have a perfectly kept house. You have to have perfectly behaved kids. You have to be the perfect spouse. You have to be the perfect friend. If you can’t be perfect, then most likely you just put on the facade of perfection. You pretend things are perfect at home; with your kids, in your job. No one can know you may not be perfect, after all.

You can read the rest of Justin’s post here.

I hope you enjoy these posts from some fabulous bloggers. Have a wonderful day, friends!



2 Responses to “4 Blog Posts You Should Read”

  1. Facing Cancer (@cancer2gether) January 24, 2013 at 9:36 am #

    The stories sound wonderful. I’ll have to check them out! Thank you for sharing. ~Catherine

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