Genuinely Glad

10 Jan

Yesterday we talked about jealousy, that green-eyed monster that takes nice little us and turns us into bitter, resentful people. It’s not a nice emotion, we don’t enjoy the way it feels, yet we often can’t or won’t stop ourselves from traveling down the sticky, slimy path of envy.


Another way to give envy the ole heave-ho (in addition to gratitude) is to be sincerely glad for what others have/receive. That’s just downright scandelous, isn’t it?  :) However, this one is much harder than being grateful for our own blessings because it requires that we take the jealous feelings and turn them on their head until they become sincere feelings and expressions of happiness for someone else.

I find it easy to be happy when good things happen to those I love. That comes natural and requires no effort at all. I’m just glad for them because I love them and I want good things to happen to them. However, when it’s someone I maybe just like or am even indifferent to, that’s when the jealous feelings tend to surface the most. Especially if the issue is an area where I tend to be insecure.

Have you ever noticed someone has lost a lot of weight and looks great when you’ve been unsuccessfully trying for weeks, months or even years to lose weight – and then tried to complement them on their weight loss? It ain’t easy. {My mom just cringed because I said “ain’t.” :)}

Or maybe you’ve tried to congratulate someone on their promotion when secretly you’re wishing you had received one, too? It’s tough. Sometimes the words just get stuck in your throat. But when you can genuinely be glad for them you wield tremendous power over your emotions, especially the one that comes wrapped as a pesky little green-eyed monster.

The key here is sincerity. Telling someone you’re happy for them while your heart boils with jealousy is not good or effective at fending off those bitter feelings. But…if that’s where you have to start – start there. This may require practice. Maybe the first time you say it, you aren’t sincere, but I believe the more we do it – with a heartfelt desire to be genuine – the easier it will become. Before you know it, jealousy will be packing its bags and heading out the door!



One Response to “Genuinely Glad”

  1. Cancer Warrior January 10, 2013 at 6:56 am #

    Great post, Rachel. This reminds me of something I talk about in my book “100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It” (scheduled for release in August): Forgiveness. I think forgiveness is a big part of emotional healing. When I was going through treatments for cancer, I would practice forgiveness exercises. I would visualize the person who hurt me and say “I forgive you and wish you well”. At first, I didn’t really mean it, but eventually I felt the truth of the words. As you said, with practice, you will feel it!

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