Christmas Scripture Reading – Day 16

16 Dec

Only 10 readings left in our 25-Day Christmas Scripture Reading Plan and I’m already feeling sad that it will be ending. :) I hope it has helped you focus your heart and mind this Christmas season – it has definitely helped me.


If you’re just joining, each day’s reading is listed below. Today’s reading is from Matthew Chapter 2, Verses 1 – 12. Click on any of the links, below, to be taken to those passages at

I wonder what it would have felt like to be one of the wise men, the Magi, who traveled to see the baby Jesus. Were they excited? Oh, you bet they were! :) Scripture says they were overjoyed. Some translations say they were “filled with joy.” When was the last time you were filled with joy? Do you think the emotions you felt then compare to what the wise men experienced?

Then they bowed down and worshiped him, being honored just to kneel in the presence of the Savior. Take a moment today to bow your head – and your heart – in humble gratitude for the birth of Jesus.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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