Christmas Scripture Reading – Day 15

15 Dec

Like yours, my heart is heavy for the families who lost so much yesterday in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It is impossible to grasp how someone could do that. My only comfort comes in knowing that there will come a day when we will no longer cry or grieve or mourn or suffer. There will come a day. Until then, we pray for those who are hurting – there are many.

We are cruising right along with our 25-Day Christmas Scripture Reading.  Did you accept yesterday’s challenge and write a note to someone?


The links, below, will take you to the passages at Today’s reading is a little longer than most of our daily assignments, but will be worth your time – I promise. :)

Today’s readings foretell two births that would take place, although both seemed highly unlikely, if not impossible. John the Baptist would be born to elderly parents, including a mother who was barren. Jesus would be born to a virgin. Both events were hard to believe at the time, yet both occurred just as the Angel Gabriel told.

Have you been waiting and praying for God to do something that seems impossible? Or maybe you haven’t been praying for something because you think it is too impossible.

I can’t promise you that God will answer your prayer the way you want, but I promise you that He can do the impossible. So if you’ve been praying for something that seems completely beyond all possibility – don’t stop. And if you haven’t prayed because you think it is so far beyond all possibility it could never happen – start praying now. Nothing is too hard for God. Pray big and believe big. Our God is not a God of small things. He’s a God of hope and miracles – the God who has done, and can do, the impossible.



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