What Will We Do With December?

30 Nov

Another November has come to an end. 11 months have passed since we welcomed 2012 with open arms anticipating new beginnings and fresh starts. Remember the hope and excitement you felt at the beginning of the year? What about those lofty goals we all set? I did great with some; not so great with others.

We are now left with just 31 days in this year. What will we do with December?

Maybe we’ll spend each day checking items off our to-do lists like a crazy women? Or we could let it pass in a blur of Christmas parties and rushed activities? There’s always the possibility we’ll get so frazzled planning Christmas meals and wrapping gifts that we don’t enjoy the day when it finally arrives?

I think the parties and activities are great, and I certainly don’t want anyone to give them up. I think the gift-giving is a very special part of the Christmas season, and I love making home-baked goodies to share. All of these are good things, wonderful things that we are blessed to experience.

But what if . . . what if we started each day in December with just 15 minutes of quiet, focused time reading from our Bible and/or praying? Only 15 minutes. Before you get dressed. Before you eat breakfast. Before you look at your phone. 15 minutes. What if we padded each day with a cushion of peace? Would it make a difference?

Would it make the one hundred seventy-five thousand things we have to do before Christmas easier? Possibly.

Would it help us prioritize which things actually need to be done and which things could be skipped? Most likely.

Would it calm our spirits and help us stay grounded during those moments when we feel like we might come unglued? I think it just might.

Would it help us remember that these moments will pass very quickly and we should treasure each second of them? Yes.

Each day consists of 1,440 minutes. 15 minutes accounts for just 1% of our day! I have a quiet time most days, but not every day. I’m committing to doing it every day this month. I think we can do this, don’t you? A good place to start would be by joining us as we read through a Christmas Bible Reading Plan beginning tomorrow!

We spend a lot of time talking, thinking, and planning for the new year – setting goals, thinking of everything we hope to accomplish, committing to new disciplines. What if we put a special emphasis on finishing this year well? Not only could we experience and enjoy December in a fresh new way, we will be even better prepared to begin 2013 when it arrives!

Have a blessed Friday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 1 of our Christmas Bible Reading Plan!


2 Responses to “What Will We Do With December?”

  1. Chargaile Askew November 30, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    I will be joining you Rachel. I have made copies of the reading plan to give to the members of my Sunday School class. I though it would be neat to share the plan with them. Have a great weekend.

    • rachturner November 30, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

      What a great idea! So glad you printed copies for your Sunday School class – it’s always more fun to do things as a group.

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