You Must Keep Moving

5 Oct

The design of this piece by Synergy Art caught my attention, and I really like the quote by Albert Einstein. Love me some good quotes. Check out my favorite quotes page if you haven’t stopped by there before. You might find some new favs.

Keep your body moving with exercise or some type of physical activity.

Keep your brain moving by learning something new.

Keep your mouth moving by sharing kind words with a friend.

Keep your heart moving by showing someone you love them.

Keep your spirit moving with some quiet moments spent reading your Bible and praying.

Keep your hands moving by sharing a meal with someone.

Keep your family moving by making the kids get up off the couch and get outside.

Keep your arms moving by wrapping them around someone in a big bear hug.

Keep your soul moving by doing something creative, something that feeds your soul.

Just move. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s Friday, friends! Make it a good one.
♥ Rachel

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