Believing Requires Effort

1 Oct

Believing is work.

Michael Kelley wrote:

Christianity is about believing, but make no mistake: believing is work. Problem is that many of us are working hard at the wrong thing. We’re working hard not to sin. We’re working hard to be generous. We’re working hard to read the Bible. What we should be working hard to do is believe in each and every one of those situations. We believe that in each of those individual moments, God’s resources of grace, power, patience, hope, and endurance won’t run dry. We believe in Him as the great supplier of what we need, and we do so one need at a time.

Why have I never considered this? I have honestly felt that believing should just be, well, believing – something that you either do or you don’t do – something you feel or don’t feel – but not something that required work. That is was kind of a passive emotion that I either felt or didn’t.

But it makes sense that belief requires effort because there are so many things bombarding us each day that try to make us not believe – in God, in His goodness, in His faithfulness, in His love for us. Reading the passage above made me realize that believing is a choice I must make every day. I have to wake up and choose to believe that God hears my prayers, knows my needs, and cares about my heartaches – the biggest ones and the tiniest ones.

Belief is not logical. Logic looks for facts and verification and substantiation that what we believe is true. But, as Christians, so much of what we believe cannot be seen – at least not yet. It requires that we trust God’s Word, His promises, and that we make a choice to believe in God and to believe God.

Maybe instead of working hard to be perfect, to have the perfect life, I need to believe – truly, fully believe – that God is faithful to provide me with strength, ability, hope, trust, understanding, patience, wisdom, and everything else I need in order to live the life he wants me to live. Not a perfect life by my standards, but a perfectly purposeful life according to God’s standards.

And I need to make the choice to believe this each and every day. Belief is not passive, it requires work, but the reward for that work is a life well-lived.

Have a beautiful, beautiful week!
♥ Rachel


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