Focus on the Good

20 Sep

I have a choice today. You have a choice today. We have a choice every day.

We can focus on the good or concentrate on the bad.

We can ground ourselves in positive truth or drown ourselves in negative noise.

We can believe the best or assume the worst.

We can dwell in possibility or wallow in worry.

Let’s face reality. There is no shortage of ick in our lives. Some days, it seems everywhere we turn we come face to face with some thing that just stinks. It’s not fair, it’s awful, it’s difficult, it’s life-altering, it’s disappointing, it just stinkin’ stinks.

It’s imperative on those days that we refocus our thoughts on our blessings. You might have to dig for the good, but it’s there – keep digging. It might even require a back hoe, right Lynnea?  :)  And you might find only one tiny little nugget of goodness, but it will be enough because once you recognize one good thing – one blessing – it becomes infinitely easier to spot other good things.

It’s your choice.

But remember – choice implies action. Choosing to focus on the good in people, in life, in the world means that when your mind starts to race toward negativity, you have to apply the brakes and make a u-turn.

Make a list of 10 good things in your life – 10 things that bring you joy, that make you smile, that are a blessings to you. You may think you can’t come up with 10 things, but I promise if you start your list, you will likely wind up with more than 10! Be specific. Name names or places or events. Write out a short list.

And when you are tempted to dwell on the bad things, when you feel surrounded by negative nothingness, look at this list and remember the good that God has placed in your life.

If it will help you, download the following PDF. Print it out and write on it ten good things, then stick it on your refrigerator, your desk, hang it on the wall – anywhere that you will see it and be reminded of these things when the stink starts to take over.

{ Focus on the Good Printable }

What do you choose today?
♥ Rachel


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