The Funny Thing About Patience

21 Aug

I’ve discovered that it’s easy to be patient when you’re not in pain.  I’m learning it’s much harder to be patient when you are in pain.  I want to be “fixed” now.  {Isn’t that how we are about everything?}

My MRI experience yesterday went very well.  In fact, it was more pleasant than the last one.  Which surprised me because I had to have this one done at a different hospital and I was not anticipating a good experience.  {Our insurance company and the hospital we normally use are not getting along right now which is creating all sorts of problems for myself and lots of other patients.}

The radiology tech was great, explained everything to me in detail, reviewed my medical history thoroughly, and the ear plugs worked great!  {grin}  He even told me the MRI machine was new and slightly larger than the older models.  {I’m not sure how he could tell it was larger because it still felt pretty small, but, hey – if he said it was, I’ll take his word for it.}  To top it off, I received a call from my doctor’s nurse with the results . . . within THREE hours of finishing the MRI.  That is unheard of!

It appears that I have mild arthritis in my cervical spine, but there were no signs of stenosis (narrowing of open spaces in spine), which is very good news.  The big technical term for this is Cervical Spondylosis – or to put it simply, arthritis of the neck.  Apparently, this is very common for people as they, um, well, age.  {sigh . . . }

The good thing about this is that it’s not something “serious,” which I really didn’t think it would be.  The bad thing about this is that there’s not an easy fix for it and I was really hoping for something that is 1) easy and 2) quick to fix.  Ahhh, patience.  I have so little of it.  Especially when I’m in pain.

Perspective, Rachel.  Perspective.

My two docs consulted with each other yesterday and decided the next steps should be a referral to a neurologist to discuss the headaches and some physical therapy visits for the neck pain.  I think it makes sense to do both and am looking forward to getting some more answers and relief.

So, today, I am being grateful for positive experiences at new hospitals, results that are not devastating, and doctors who care.  I’m thinking of all the people with aches, pains, ailments, and diseases that cause them to suffer much more than me.  I’m praying for lasting relief from the headaches and neck pain.  Oh, and I’m also praying for a big, fat, healthy dose of patience.  I can never have too much of that.

♥ Rachel


2 Responses to “The Funny Thing About Patience”

  1. Keeks August 21, 2012 at 8:47 am #


    Thank you for sharing! I love your heart and your perspective! Praying for your patience and pain : )

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