Thank You Is Not Enough

10 Aug

On August 10, 2011, I typed out a little update about my first day of chemo and clicked the Publish button.  The idea was that I would use this blog to keep family and friends updated on my treatment progress and experience.  What I discovered in the process of posting updates is that I was actually having fun.

Wait.  How can that be?  Who has fun during treatment for cancer??

Well, I guess me, because I’m a little weird like that.  {grin}

source: pinterest

Through this blog, you give me something to look forward to every day – something to focus on beyond myself and my current circumstances.  This has become an outlet for me.  It forces me to look for the good – the blessings in disguise – during a period of my life when I could easily dwell on the bad.

I enjoy writing and had forgotten that part of my heart.  Through cancer, God gave that back to me.  And you spur me along with your encouragement and prayers.  Never, EVER underestimate your power to influence, encourage, and support someone.  I have experienced the goodness that is within you and I am grateful!

I don’t know everything (and I hope I never come across as someone who does).  I am learning and growing and (hopefully) becoming a better woman right along side each of you.  I appreciate that you let me into your world and allow me to chat with you.

So, 266 posts later, my life has been blessed in the sweetest ways because of YOU.  Thank you!


If you haven’t entered the drawing for two copies of Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, Unglued, be sure to check out yesterday’s post and enter!  The book is about learning how to make wise choices when faced with raw emotions.  I think we’ve all been there, haven’t we??  (Some weeks, I go there daily {sigh} . . .  So don’t forget to enter.  Go do it.  Now!  :)

Happy Friday!!
♥ Rachel


2 Responses to “Thank You Is Not Enough”

  1. Facing Cancer (@cancer2gether) August 10, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    This is a wonderful post – thank you isn’t enough, is it? There’s so much support it’s nearly staggering to think about our gratitude in response. Like you, my blogging became increasingly more important with each post added. There’s a mixture of fun, fancy, rawness and truth in blogging – and from those who respond with comments – that’s one of the biggest helping hands.

    Again, great post. Maybe it will encourage others to reach out online?


    • rachturner August 10, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

      Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If this post encouraged someone else facing cancer to reach out online? I never dreamed I would receive as much support as I have from people I’ve never met – like yourself! :)

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