A Sweet Strawberry Recipe Roundup

25 Jul

Thank you so much for your comments, emails, and texts.  You will never know how much it touches my heart to know you are praying for me today.  In my head, I know chances are very good it is a minor thing causing the headaches and neck pain.  But that doesn’t stop my heart from being a teeny tiny bit anxious this morning.  Of course, my anxiety could be coming from knowing they are going to stick me in a tube just a bit larger than myself for oh, say 20 or 30 minutes.  {sigh}  Tiny spaces with things close to my face freak me out.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Hopefully I won’t embarrass myself.  Haha!!

If you don’t love strawberries, raise your hand.  Are you crazy???  What’s not to love about strawberries??  I’m just messin’ with ya.  But I really do think you’re a little bit crazy and MAN, are you missing out on some good food.  :)  Sadly, if you are not a member of the strawberry fan club, today’s post is going to be a total dud for you.

First up, Strawberry Cobbler, or as Myra from My Blessed Life calls it Drool-Worthy Strawberry Cobbler.  That sounds goooooood, doesn’t it?

For my health-conscious friends (and shouldn’t we all be??), here’s a light Strawberry Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette from Chaos in the Kitchen. Just looking at this salad makes me feel healthy!  ;)  Oh, if only it were that easy, right?

Sometimes when it’s scorching hot outside, the only thing you want is something cool to drink.  How about this Strawberry Mango Smoothie from Two Peas & Their Pod?

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a Strawberry Pretzel Salad, but based on the reviews I saw online, this one from Brown Eyed Baker must be divine.  I’m definitely adding this to my “make soon” list.

This Strawberry Mango Salsa from McConkie Menu sounds yummy and I bet would be great with some cinnamon pita chips like she recommends.

No Strawberry recipe roundup would be complete without a Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake.  This one from Cooking Light is as traditional as it gets and makes my mouth water just looking at it.

♥ Rachel


2 Responses to “A Sweet Strawberry Recipe Roundup”

  1. Facing Cancer (@cancer2gether) July 26, 2012 at 8:25 am #

    Ha-mazing. I want some of those beautiful strawberry dishes to magically appear on my desk. Particularly the cheesecake!

    • rachturner July 26, 2012 at 8:43 am #

      Girl, I am with you! I could devour the cheesecake right now.

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