Will’s Mountain

11 Jul

I’d like to introduce you to a special guy.  His name is Will and his dad and I worked together at LifeWay many moons ago.  (In fact, his dad, Steve, was gracious enough to be the photographer when Barry I were married even though we only gave him two weeks notice!)

This is Will earlier this year with his mom, Stephanie, and his dad, Steve.

Is he a handsome guy, or what??

Will is twelve years old and is currently doing some pretty tough work.  In fact, he’s been fighting for his life.

Almost four weeks ago, while attending camp in North Carolina, his brain hemorrhaged significantly requiring emergency surgery.  Since that time, he spent 11 days in critical care at a hospital in North Carolina before being transported via Vanderbilt Medical Center’s LifeLight back to his hometown of Nashville.  There, he spent another week in Vanderbilt Children’s critical care unit and was recently moved to a rehabilitation center where he is continuing his climb.

The journey has just begun, but this young man is a fighter and God is doing amazing things through him!  It’s been an uphill battle all the way and I am completely and utterly amazed at his progress, his determination, and the unshakable faith of his family.

Will with his beautiful mom, Stephanie, and precious sister, Lindsey.

It would have been so easy for Will’s parents to ask God why?  Why my son?  Why now?  Why this?  Why??  And maybe they have.  But what I have seen them do is use this experience to bring glory to God.  And I am humbled by their faith and so grateful for their willingness to share their thoughts, give us the privilege of praying for their son, and allow all of us to see the hand of God at work in Will’s life.

Will’s mom, Stephanie, wrote this Monday night and it touched me so deeply I wanted to share it with you:

When I was praying with Will tonight something struck me…

This is God’s Story. Will stands as a display of God’s faithfulness and never-ending love. Not because of what God is going to do in healing Will’s body, but because of what He has already done to heal Will’s soul and make him His own.

And so we praise Him accordingly… because He is God and His character is unfailing; His love is perfect; and no trial allowed us can separate us from His love. He is everything to us. He set the boundary lines for Will’s life so that Will might know Him and enjoy Him forever.

We will enjoy telling Will for the rest of His life about the amazing work Christ did to save him and prove His love for Him over and over again.

The NeSmith’s usually close their updates about Will’s progress with this: Soli Deo Gloria which means “To God Alone Be the Glory.”  That is their earnest prayer.  May it be ours, too.

Will you join me in praying for Will NeSmith as he climbs this mountain of recovery?  Pray for strength, patience, healing, endurance, determination, faith, trust, and that he would not grow discouraged.  We know that God can, is, and will continue to do amazing things in Will’s life through this experience.  Please also pray for his mom, dad, and sister, Lindsey, that they would be the support that he needs and not grow physically, emotionally, or spiritually weary during the climb.

You can learn more about this fantastic young man and his journey toward healing at PrayingForWill.com.  Be sure to leave an encouraging comment if you visit – he is reading them!  :)

♥ Rachel


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    Thanks, Becky! Love you!!

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