Wanna See Me Cry? [Video]

15 May

There are a few things in this world that are guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye:

  • Hallmark commercials
  • A love story or sappy movie
  • Nicholas Sparks books
  • Onions
  • Certain songs
  • Soldiers returning home from war

I bet you are the same way – you have triggers that you just know will almost always make the tears start to flow.

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For me, one of the biggest triggers is soldiers returning home from a deployment and being reunited with their families.  This will always, ALWAYS make my eyes tear up, and I don’t care how cheesy the reunion might be or how many times I’ve seen something similar, it still gets to me.  The surprise ones are the best!

Maybe I feel this way because I grew up as one of those military kids who waited for dad to return.  I was pretty young for some of his deployments, so I don’t have vivid memories of each time he left, but my sisters tell me I would stand at the gate and scream for him not to go.  I think I tend to block the bad stuff from my mind because I do remember him coming home after being gone TDY for a year, or maybe two.  As hard as it was on me – on us (my mom & sisters), I know it was equally hard – or more so – for my Dad.  He had a job to do that required him to be away from us for months and months at at time, and he was obligated to do that job no matter how hard we cried.

It also gets to me, especially right now, because our son-in-law is in the middle of a deployment.  We are anxious and worried and nervous and ready for him to return and can hardly watch the news for fear of hearing something bad has happened over there.  I can’t wait for the day Kinsey gets to welcome him home!!

That’s why I love this video.  It invokes big smiles and big tears every time I watch it.  Barry sent it to me last week and I’ve seen it on some news channels a few times since then, so I know it’s making the rounds.  If you’ve seen it before, watch it again.  It guarantee it will make you smile or you can get your money back. {grin}

{If you are reading this in email,
you may need to click over to to the blog to watch the video.}

6 Year Old Boy Walks to Marine Dad for First Time

This is what Michael’s mother, Melissa, has to say about the video:

“When my husband left on his deployment, our 6-year-old son could not walk on his own. He has cerebral palsy. Doctors originally said that he would never walk or do much of anything. While daddy was away, he learned to walk. For his homecoming, we set it up for Michael to walk to his daddy for the first time ever! We kept the fact that he could walk a secret the whole time his dad was gone!” – Melissa C.

Do you know how hard that little guy had to work to be able to do that for his dad?  Aaaahhhh!  It just melts my heart.

I have so much pride in my heart for all of our soldiers.  They are making a HUGE sacrifice to serve our Country in places that are dangerous and where our mere presence is often met with violence.  No matter what your opinion is of the war and our involvement in it, you can respect and support any person who has made a commitment to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and is fulfilling their obligation in spite of the challenges and danger he/she faces every day.  American soldiers are very special people.  Their families are very special, too, because they give up a lot, also.

If you know someone who is currently serving it our military, let them know today how grateful you are for them.  It will mean the world to them.  If you can’t do that, I encourage you to stop right now and say a prayer for all of our soldiers who are serving in the war zones, as well as in countless other locations around the world.

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!

What?  You didn’t think I was actually going to show you a video of me crying did you?  I feel it is my obligation to spare you the ugliness of something like that.  :)

♥ Rachel


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