[Guest Post]: The Amazing Sarah Lawhorn

4 May

I am tickled, thrilled, excited, and overjoyed to bring you a guest post today by my good friend, Sarah Lawhorn.  Sarah writes about her life, her family (and her sweet baby, Jackson!), her faith, her job, and her Tennessee Vols (ick!) at The Blog Formerly Known as the OG Daily News.  That’s quite a title, huh?  Prior to yesterday, the title of her blog was The Oooey Gooey Daily News, but after being notified this week that she was infringing on someone’s copyright (who knew??), she had to change it.  She’s in the process of looking for a new title for her blog, so if you have any great suggestions, pass them along.  She’s having a contest to select the best name.

Jason, Sarah, and Jackson Lawhorn

Thanks Rachel for asking me to guest post today! Rachel and I work for the same company and have become wonderful friends during the 4 years I’ve been there. Although we have our differences (really just our choice of football teams), we are kindred spirits in so many ways! I am so thankful for her friendship and that I get to know her in REAL LIFE!

The story I wanted to share with you all today is about a big blessing in disguise that God used in my life at work.

A little over two years ago I was about to get married and had made the decision to go back to school to get my MBA. My company has a program where they will reimburse you for your tuition based on your grades, and then you have to commit to working for at least a full year after you complete your degree. Sweet deal, right?

My soon-to-be-hubby was also in MBA school and we would be able to take classes together! Perfect! I had already signed up for school and been accepted; the only thing standing in my way was approval from the “powers that be,” which would certainly be no big deal.

Welllllllll… the “powers that be” felt like getting married, moving to a new house, and starting grad school all at once while working full time would not be best for me, so they wouldn’t approve the reimbursement program. I was CRUSHED!! I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t able to do what I had planned, and was bitter about it for a quite a while.

In October of 2010 (a little over a year later), we found out that we were expecting our first child in July 2011! This was quite the surprise but such a HUGE BLESSING!! After being pregnant for a while, the hubs and I started conversations about whether I would go back to work full time after having the baby. We never seemed to be on the same page and I would ask God all the time “What do You have planned for us? I just want to KNOW!!” (Here’s the story with ALL the details, in case you are a details person.)

July 1st came rolling around and our sweet precious Jackson Dean (Jack) was born! He is truly the biggest BLESSING we have ever experienced. I could go on and on… (and I do on my blog!) but to get back to the original story – We never dreamed we would be starting a family so soon, it just wasn’t in “our plan.” But the Lord’s plans are so much better than anything we could put together.

And you know what? If I had gone back to school, I would have been right in the middle of the program when we had Jack. And I would have either had to pay back all my tuition OR continue to work full time and go to night classes and THEN work another year full time after graduating to have the company pay for it! What a MESS that would have been because – let’s face it – I couldn’t bear to be away from the little guy for 8 hours a day, much less 2-3 more for classes each night! Yikes!!

So even though I was heartbroken, bitter, confused, and even angry about the decision that the “powers that be” made 2+ years ago, it was a BLESSING IN DISGUISE because the Lord knew that He had bigger and better things for me coming sooner than I would have ever imagined!


I just love Sarah to pieces. She has such a sweet spirit and I treasure our friendship. Thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing your heart with us today!  Be sure to hop over to Sarah’s blog and let her know how much we loved her post today!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!
♥ Rachel


6 Responses to “[Guest Post]: The Amazing Sarah Lawhorn”

  1. Cancer Warrior May 4, 2012 at 4:56 am #

    Great story! Thanks for sharing that. I have had so many similar experiences where a curse turns our to be a blessing. Now when I pray, I will often ask for “This or something better” because often I will not get what I am praying for, but what I do get turns out to be better in some way!
    Cancer Warrior

    • rachturner May 6, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

      Florence – I think we’ve all had experiences like this and it is amazing to look back on them and see how everything worked out for our good. :)

  2. SarahKL May 4, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    Whoo hoo!! Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my story today Rachel! Love you!

    • rachturner May 6, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

      Love you, too, girlie! Thanks for sharing your heart with us!!

  3. Cara Olsen May 4, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    Stories such as these are a wonderful reminder that, while we are the ones essentially responsible for making right decisions, the Lord has a beautiful way of throwing a wrench into our plans, steering our paths toward something even better.


    • rachturner May 6, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

      Cara – Oh, yes, the Lord certainly has a lovely way of throwing amazing wrenches into our plans. :)

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