Treatment Chronicles

30 Apr

I read this verse Friday morning before going to treatment and thought, “yep, even treatment days.”

This is the day the Lord has made,
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Friday’s treatment was uneventful, which is EXACTLY how we like it.  :)  No reactions, no rashes, no abnormal responses of any kind.  Just me, the Ativan, and the Rituxan getting along nicely.

I don’t usually sleep during treatment because I’m a curious type and I like to watch what’s going on around me.  Besides that, I’m afraid I might start snoring or something obscene like that!

This time, I slept.  In fact, I slept so hard the nurse (Sarah) told Barry she had a hard time waking me up to check my vitals while he was gone grabbing lunch!  I think her words were “I had a really hard time waking her up.  I felt bad because she was sleeping so well.”  At which point, I looked at Barry and he gave that “oh, I know exactly what you mean” grin as he was nodding in complete agreement with Sarah because I am NOT easy to wake up.  It’s a gift.  :)

My labs were pretty good – white slightly low, red slightly slow, hemoglobin on the low side of normal, and platelets were good.  Pretty consistent with what they’ve been throughout this entire process.

Then we met with Dr. Daniel.  I talked with him about the numbness and tingling I’m having in my feet and hands (which according to everything I’ve read is fairly normal following chemotherapy).  The lower half of my left leg is frequently numb and my feet tingle and sting.  My fingers turn extremely white and get so cold that they hurt.  It’s not a constant thing, but comes and goes.

In addition, when I wake up in the mornings my hands are swollen and stiff (almost like what I would expect an arthritic hand to feel like).  After a few hours, they improve, but it’s tough to grip things for a while. It’s a form of peripheral neuropathy that he feels is brought on by the Treanda that I received.  He was surprised, though, that I’m having this now – so long after finishing the Treanda in January.  He told me if it starts to keep me from sleeping (ha!) to let him know.  (Between you and me, I don’t know that’s an adequate gage for my symptoms getting worse because I can sleep through virtually anything!)  I told him if it got noticeably worse, I would call.

I had some mild queasiness this weekend along with heavy fatigue, but nothing horrible at all.  My next treatment is scheduled for June 22 and I’ll have a CT scan of the abdomen on June 20 so he can see how the kidney is behaving.  Which means I get to dreaded drink the contrast.  Oh yum!

I have to show you guys this picture.  It’s a Blue Q zippered pouch that my Aunt Frances sent me and I love what it says:

How awesome is that??  Boy, if that doesn’t describe how I feel, nothing does.  I may be hit, but I can make it.  And I will make it.  Love you, Frances!  Thank you for the pouch.

Thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers, emails, texts, and calls on Friday and this weekend.  I really can’t express how much they mean to me.  This maintenance stuff is pretty routine and not too bad to deal with, but it’s still chemo and I am so grateful that you would take the time to lift up a prayer for me.

Hope your week gets off to a fantastic start!
♥ Rachel


5 Responses to “Treatment Chronicles”

  1. mainelyhopeful April 30, 2012 at 9:02 am #

    That is a great bag! I try to doze through treatments too, but I never really get into a deep sleep. Must be the Ativan!

  2. Susan April 30, 2012 at 11:24 am #

    Hi Rachel! Wish I could sleep through treatments but my son says I am far to nosy and have to see what’s going on around me! My last chemo (not the herceptin I am now on) was early May and I still have the numbness, tingling in my fingers and toes also. I have to ask about this on May 10th which is my next onc appointment. Love the bag, so thoughtful of your Aunt to send it, and so true!

    • Susan April 30, 2012 at 11:24 am #

      Chemo brain! I meant early March!!!

    • rachturner May 6, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

      Hey Susan – I have a friend who’s daughter went through chemo 5 years ago and she still has the neuropathy – numbness, tingling, coldness. Stinks, but it may just be one of those things we have to live with.

  3. Cara Olsen April 30, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    I am so, SO glad to hear Friday’s trip to the hospital was uneventful! :)

    Hard to rouse, are you? Yes, I know your type well. :) I am married to a hibernating grizzly bear. Those moment, in the middle of the night, when the walls are shaking with snores, I have to scream like a banshee just to get the lump to roll over! LOL. Secretly, though, I am jealous . . . I am an insomniac, and sleeping comes to me like a taunting child.

    Your bag is terrific! I love it.

    Happy Monday, Rachel!

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