Lulu Teaches Us About Friendship

19 Apr

This is Lulu.

Lulu belongs to my stepdaughter, Fawn, and her husband, Jake.  They think she’s looking a bit chunky in this picture, but I don’t think so.  She’s not fat, “she just weighs heavy” as Shellie Rushing Tomlinson would say!  :)

Anyway, that’s beside the point and has nothing to do with the story.  I can get so sidetracked these days.  Must be that lingering chemo brain…

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  I remember now.

Sometimes, when both Fawn and Jake have to work during the day, Lulu gets to go to The Ark doggie daycare and play with all the other dogs, like Benny here.  Well, it seems that Benny got put in a, ahem, little bit of a time out for misbehaving earlier this week.  And wouldn’t you know, instead of leaving him by his lonesome, Lulu went over to him and held paws with Benny through the gate!

All right, everyone say it together…aaawwwwwwww!  Is that sweet, or what??

When I saw that picture, after I finishing awwwwwing, I thought – “now, there’s a lesson for us about how to be a true friend.”  What can we learn from this cute, slightly pudgy little girl?

A friend loves at all times.  This one’s in the Bible, people.  Even Lulu knows it’s importance!  It’s such a simple sentence, but sadly we get it wrong a lot (at least, speaking for myself, I get it wrong).  We can be fickle friends, can’t we?  But fickle and friends are not two words that belong together.  The truth is, no matter what has happened or what the other person has done, a true friend loves you no matter what – and especially when you are at your worst.  When you are going through something like cancer, the true friends rise to the top of the crowd and are easy to recognize.

A friend comes in when the rest of the world goes out.  When life goes bad, true friends stay right by your side.  When you go bankrupt or lose your job or your marriage falls apart, a friend who’s really a friend won’t care.  Oh, they’ll care that you’re hurting, but it won’t change their feelings for you.  They’ll love you anyway.  When you have cancer, some people can understandably get a little scared and back off a bit.  A friend who walks that road with you, as ugly as it may be at times, is one you should treasure.  If you have an opportunity to love someone going through cancer – do it.  You won’t regret it.  And the impact you will make on their life will never be forgotten.  I know from experience.  :)

A friend doesn’t have to say anything, just being there is enough.  Friends don’t have to know the right words to say (even though we usually think we do).  The most important thing is to be there.  Give a hug, hold a hand, or just sit there – it all counts and it all means the world to someone who’s life has been turned upside down by a crisis.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  Your presence alone is enough.  If you can’t be there in person, be there with a card, a call, an email, something.  Just be there.  It all matters and every single tiny act of caring means more than you know.

So there you have it.  Three important life lessons on friendship taught by none other than Lulu, the dog.  Even though ‘ole Benny messed up and got in trouble, Lulu still was still his friend and she still loved him.  That’s what friends are for, right?  (And if I’m successful, at least one of you will get that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!  haha!!)

Have a beautiful day!
♥ Rachel


5 Responses to “Lulu Teaches Us About Friendship”

  1. Tranquil Moments Photography April 19, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    Couldn’t have said it better Rachel! Oh and awwwwwww that is a sweet picture. Animals can certainly teach us lessons. You have a wonderful day as well!

  2. Elizabeth Thoms April 19, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    Amen sister!!! Being a true friend is a great lesson to learn. Oh that song!!! Wasn’t it our senior class song? Ugh. Mmm, I will have to play Son of a Preacher Man to get it out of my head. Love you!

    • rachturner April 19, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

      I think it might have been our class song! Love ya, Elizabeth!

  3. Shellie Rushing Tomlinson April 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    Amen, and amen! Thx for the mention– just because it was nice of you, and also because it tempted me to follow it home and I got to read this wonderful post. :) Kudos!

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