A Public Service Announcement [Video]

3 Apr

Somedays, I get to have way too much fun at work. :)

Full disclosure:  I work for the company that makes BullFrog Sunscreen.  In my humble opinion, this is the best sunscreen you can buy.  Surfers have used this stuff for years because on stays on great in the water, but it’s not greasy or slimy.  It’s good stuff!  Yes, I am biased, but I’ve also had lots of opportunities to use the BullFrog and it’s never let me down.  :)

One of my favorite things about BullFrog is, well, Tad.  Who’s Tad, you say?

Tad has been a part of BullFrog since the beginning, but has recently been promoted to Social Media Director.  And let me tell you, he’s doing a fabulous job!  You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  He is quite entertaining.

Tad is a cool kind of frog.  He’s fun, yet laid back.  He’s confident, yet kind-hearted.  There’s been a little discussion going on around the office about his abs.  He loves to spend time in the water and obviously gets a lot of exercise, but some people have been wondering, “are Tad’s abs real?”  So, we made a little video to answer that question for all of his fans.

{If you are reading this in email, you may need to click over to my blog to watch the video.  This is the last video for a while.  :)}


I guess that was my 15 seconds of fame. :)

Ok.  Enough silliness for one day.  Now to the serious stuff.  Because I’ve experienced cancer and its Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde sidekick known as chemotherapy, I do not want to develop another form of cancer – skin cancer – because I neglected to wear sunscreen.  Not gonna happen.  And I don’t want YOU to get skin cancer, either.

So whether you wear BullFrog (and I really think you should :) ), at the very least, wear some kind of sunscreen!  Because I love ya.  :)

Have a beautiful, sunny day!!
♥ Rachel

8 Responses to “A Public Service Announcement [Video]”

  1. Becky Robinson April 3, 2012 at 6:08 am #

    Too cute!!!!!!!! I love seeing your gorgeous smile. Thanks for starting my day off right–again. Love you, beautiful girl!!

  2. Tranquil Moments Photography April 3, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    Are Tabs abs real? Rachel “I can’t disclose that.” lol
    In all seriousness tho, I have never heard of Tabs Sunscreen here in Canada, but I do wear my sunscreen and oh yes, love you too Rachel :) Have a terrific Tuesday.

  3. mainelyhopeful April 3, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    Funny stuff :)

  4. Laura Allen April 3, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    Rachel, I really enjoy the updates and humor you provide each one of us daily. Keep it up, I find it to be great medicine.

  5. Cancer Warrior April 3, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    too cute! You look awesome in that video:)

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