BOOKsneeze Has Nothing to Do with Seasonal Allergies

29 Mar

Book what??

What in the world is  It’s a site run by Thomas Nelson Publishers where bloggers can get books for FREE to read and in return they ask that you write a review of the book.  For someone who loves to read, and who has a blog, it’s a great arrangement.  You can usually get some of the newest books as soon as they become available to the general public.

I’ve written one BOOKsneeze review so far and will start reading Andy Andrews’ The Final Summit in the next few days so that I can write a review it.

A few things you should know if you are interested in signing up for this (they explain all of this on the site, but here are the highlights):

  • They ask you to write a 200 or so word review and post it on your blog.
  • You will then post the review on BOOKsneeze with a link to your blog post so that you can get credit for the review.
  • They also ask you to post the review on another site such as or
  • They want the reviews to be honest and do not expect you to write about how much you love the book if you truly did not love the book.
  • Books are available in print versions as well as for eReaders.  They tend to run out of print copies faster than the eReader versions.
  • They send out a newsletter once or twice a month alerting you to the books soon to be released to BOOKsneeze readers.

They have fiction and non-fiction titles, Bibles, and children’s titles available.  Some of the current books available now are:

  • Empty Promises by Pete Wilson (Spiritual Growth)
  • Constantly Craving by Marilyn Meberg (Spiritual Growth)
  • Brush of Angel’s Wings by Ruth Reid (Christian Fiction)
  • Simply Grilling by Jennifer Chandler (General Interest/Lifestyle)
  • Stand by Me by Neta Jackson (Christian Fiction)
  • The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss (Business & Culture)
  • George Washington Carver by John Perry (Business & Culture)
  • Billy Graham in Quotes by Franklin Graham (Spiritual Growth)

If you have a blog and are interested, you should sign up and give it a try.  It’s a simple process and a great way to get new books.  Plus, the publisher gets some honest reviews out there about their products that will hopefully result in more sales for them.  It’s a win for everyone.  :)

Happy Thursday!!
♥ Rachel


One Response to “BOOKsneeze Has Nothing to Do with Seasonal Allergies”

  1. Tranquil Moments Photography March 29, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Ohhhh, thanks for sharing Rach. Not sure if it is available to Canadians but will check it out. Thanks. I am late reading my friends blogs today. Hope you had a good day :)

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