Monday in NYC

31 Jan

Feeling great, but realizing how my energy levels have really sunk since treatment.  All the walking we’ve done the past couple of days is catching up with me.  :)  But it was worth it.  We had a good day!

This is Isabelle.

Isabelle belongs to Jennifer, Bob, Jackson, and Bailey.  Or maybe I should say, they belong to her.  Along with every other person she meets.  We think we adopt pets.  Isabelle seems to adopt humans.  She is quick to make new friends and wasted no time becoming my buddy, which I loved!  She’s just like a big teddy bear.

She is the sweetest wheaton terrior I’ve ever met.  Well, she’s the only wheaton terrior I’ve ever met, but that’s beside the point, right?

I have some other cute pictures with her that I will share with you after I get home, but I wanted you to see what a sweet little thing I’ve been hanging out with.

We headed into the city yesterday and met up with my colleagues.  Then, we had the most wonderful, fantastic, out-of-this-world delicious dinner that I will also tell you about later this week.  I ate things I’ve never eaten before and loved every bite of it.  Well, almost every bite.  I I can’t say that I loved the Barbecue Oysters, but they weren’t bad.  :)

Got to get some rest before meetings and travel tomorrow.  Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!
♥ Rachel


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