On Friendship and Laughter

25 Jan

I had lunch yesterday with seven women who are very special to me.  It is my pleasure to get to work with them (and so many other fantastic women) each day.  Eating lunch together with these chickies is not unusual, but yesterday’s lunch was special – it was a celebration in honor of my completing the initial phase of chemo. :)

Source: Pinterest

These women have been so supportive, so encouraging throughout this entire thing.  From the day I told Lou and Dolly I had lymphoma and watched their eyes tear up to today’s celebration – they’ve all been in my corner.

Their personalities are as unique as their beautiful faces.  Yet, they share many things in common.  They are all fiesty and strong and caring women who have helped me through some tough days.

Some I’ve known since my first day on the job at Chattem.  A couple, I’ve only known a short time.  All have had an impact on my life in the most wonderful way.

In addition to love and concern, these women give me laughter.  And what a precious gift that is when you are going through something as serious as cancer treatment!

They make me laugh until I cry and my stomach hurts.  And almost always, someone laughs so hard they snort.  I’m not saying I snort, just that someone snorts!  ha ha!  That’s the good kind of laughter, you know what I mean?

How nice to come to work each day with women who make my life better, happier, and more enriched.  Especially at a time like this.  These women are a blessing to me.  One of the gifts of having cancer is that my eyes are now open wide enough to see just how much of a blessing they truly are.

Lou, Dolly, Susan, Sheila, Alexis, Dawn, and Tami – seven certifiably crazy women who I am so honored, so truly blessed to know.  Thank you for lunch and laughter!

♥ Rachel

2 Responses to “On Friendship and Laughter”

  1. SarahKL January 25, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    This post made me happy! Love you and love all those sweet friends!! :)

    • rachturner January 26, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

      Sarah – YOU are one of the sweet friends that we miss so much!

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