Slowly, But Surely

14 Dec

It has to get better at some point, right?  :)  Actually, it is.  A little.  This morning was better than yesterday, but I fizzled pretty quickly around mid-day.  Just can’t shake the nausea or the headache and that wears me down fast.  I worked almost a full day, which was and improvement over Monday’s half day.

I just have to say, I work with some of the sweetest people.  Such genuine concern and offers of help.  Makes this girl so grateful to be surrounded by that each day.

If you didn’t enter the contest yesterday to win a copy of Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate cookbook, do so NOW!  I mean it!!  :)  Just go to yesterday’s post and leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas food.  If that’s too much pressure for you, just say Hi, Rachel! and you’ll be entered.

As a very sweet gesture, Christy has offered to send the winner a signed bookplate for the front of the cookbook, so you will actually be winning an autographed copy!  How cool is that??

So, go!  Go quickly and enter to win!  If you don’t do much cooking, but know someone who does, this would make a great gift for them.  I will do my best to get it delivered to you in time for Christmas – hopefully on the 20th or 21st.

Contest ends tomorrow at 8:00 PM EST.

♥ Rachel


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