CFF: Cute Stuff and Something to Ponder

2 Dec

Cancer-Free Friday?  Does that apply this week even more so because I didn’t get chemo or less so because my white counts are down creating a bit of a complication??  I don’t know.  Either way, we’re going with Cancer-Free Friday and we’re going to enjoy it!!  :)

Came across a little tool that lets you create a custom monogram and download it for your own use.  You can select the colors and the letter, then click CREATE and voala!  You have your own custom monogram.  How adorable!

Mini Antique Monogram at The Wedding Chicks:

Here’s an example of one I created.  It gives you a PNG file that you can save and then resize for whatever purpose you choose and print to heart’s little content.  How cute is this??

Source: The Wedding Chicks (

My brain is spinning with all the ideas of things that we could do with these monograms.  Notecards, gift tags, printed on larger paper and framed to hang on the wall.  It would make a cute little housewarming gift for someone.  The ideas are virtually endless!!

Have fun and show me what you do with these monograms – I love seeing your creativity at work.

Ok, hang on, I’m shifting gears on you here.

Heather, over at Especially Heather, shares a very good way of looking at our tough times.  Heather and her family are living through some very tough times.  Her daughter, Emma Grace, left this world for heaven in April of this year the tender age of nine.  In the midst of dealing with her daughter’s health issues, Heather was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2007.  She is currently cancer free, and continues to write truthfully and openly about life without Emma Grace and all that emcompasses.  Yes, she’s been through a lot.

Yesterday’s blog really touched me as she wrote about hard things and where do we go when life gets tough – too tough for us to handle. She reminds us that no matter what we are told, no matter what we experience, or what incredible pain we have to endure, God’s plan for our life never changes.  There is comfort to be found in that.  We can choose where we will hide during these dark days – in fear and uncertainty or in God’s will – a much more peaceful place.  I encourage you to hop over to Heather’s blog and read the rest of the post.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, stay warm, and have some time to rest and get ready for next week.

♥ Rachel


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  1. The Savvy Sister December 2, 2011 at 7:45 am #

    Thanks for sharing Heather is amazing

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