I Forgot

17 Nov

Yesterday morning, I got up, ate a bowl of cereal, did a very short workout on the elliptical, took a shower and got ready for work.  I hopped in my car and drove to the office while it poured rain excited that traffic wasn’t as bad as it usually is in the rain.

You know what else I did?

I completely forgot to go to the cancer center to have labs drawn.

This is something I do every Wednesday morning on my way to work.

It’s not that I just forgot to take a different exit on my way to work.  I usually leave the house and take a completely different route to the cancer center than I do to go to work.  It never even crossed my mind.

I made it to the office, sat down at my desk and opened Outlook.  As soon as I did, a reminder popped up that I was to have labs drawn at 8:15.  I cocked my head to the side like these little guys:

and thought, “What day is this?”  Then, I realized it was Wednesday and yep, I forgot to go to the cancer center on my way to work.

Hmmm…..  So, what does this mean?  Because everything has to mean something these days, right??  :)

  • It could mean that for the first time since I started treatment that I wasn’t consciously thinking about having cancer.
  • It could mean that I’m feeling so good that getting labs drawn was the last thing on my mind.
  • It could mean that were other things on my mind like work and just life, in general, that were distracting me from focusing on cancer.
  • It could be a combination of all these things.

OR, it could mean that chemo brain IS real and Dr. Daniel is wrong!  ha ha!  I can’t wait to tell him that I am living proof that chemo brain does exist!  :)

That makes me think of the Christmas M&M commercial where the red and yellow M&Ms come marching into the room and see Santa and the yellow one says, “He DOES exist!” and Santa says, “They DO exist!” and then they both faint!  I love that spot.

Oh, well.  I digress.  After being slightly annoyed with myself for forgetting, I was actually pretty excited about it.  I really think it meant, for the first time in a long time, that I wasn’t thinking about cancer the minute I woke up in the morning.  For a brief time this morning, I had a taste of what life used to be like.  And it was nice.

♥ Rachel


2 Responses to “I Forgot”

  1. Kathy November 17, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Forget the labs all you want just don’t forget any haircut appointment. Those always make a body feel good and should never be forgotten!

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