Cancer Free Friday: Free HOPE Collage Printables

21 Oct

Yesterday was another feel-good day.  I seem to be having a string of those lately.  :)  I’m just so grateful and have been so blessed by each of you, your prayers for me, and your concern.  You have touched my heart in a very special way.  Thank you!

Friday’s are great days for sharing!

Since I’m feeling VERY hopeful the stent will be removed, and not replaced, on Tuesday, I thought I would share this 8×10 hope collage I’ve been tinkering with.  I couldn’t decide between the solid edge or the rough, scalloped edge, so I’m including both here for you to download.  There is also a page you can download that has two 4×6 versions on it.

And here’s the one with the solid edge.

You can download them here:

Supplies used in this project:

Have a great weekend!

♥ Rachel


2 Responses to “Cancer Free Friday: Free HOPE Collage Printables”

  1. Kara Goldsborough October 21, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    Wow, I just had a few minutes with all kids sleeping and sat down to look through your WHOLE blog. What an amazing and inspirational story! So brave of you to share!

    • rachturner October 21, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

      So sweet, Kara! Thank you very much. Maybe someone else who has to go through this will be helped by my experience. That’s my hope, at least.

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