Beautiful Weekend

3 Oct

We had a great weekend. Let me recap it for you:

  1. Auburn won. Whew!
  2. The weather was beautiful all weekend – cool at times, warm at times, and sunny all the time.
  3. Auburn won! Oh, sorry, I already said that, didn’t I? :)

The highlight of the weekend was having lunch with Barry’s grandmother and his Uncle Frank’s family on Sunday, and then taking some pictures around Coolidge Park and the Tennessee River waterfront here in Chattanooga.  Good times!

This is Kinsey with her great-grandmother, Mrs. Thelma Turner – affectionately known to some of us as Mama Turner.  This lady has a heart as big as the state of Alabama, but that’s a post for another day.

Please note the Auburn quilt in their laps – Auburn blood runs deep in this Turner family.  (That’s actually how I knew Barry was the man I should marry when on our first date he said he was an Auburn fan!  Sealed the deal for me right there!  ha ha)

Having cancer changes the way you see things.  It’s as if the day I was diagnosed, they also gave me a different set of contact lenses through which I view my life, the world around me, relationships, virtually everything.  I’m learning to appreciate days like today much more than I might have in the past and not take for granted little moments with family and friends.  It’s all a gift and I am grateful.

I was wasting time, I mean exploring, things on Pinterest this weekend and came across this quote:

Source: Pinterest

This was very good for me to read following my non-stent removal disappointment from Friday.  Maybe there’s a reason the stent shouldn’t come out that I don’t know about?  Maybe this three-week delay is saving me a major headache down the road?  Maybe the doctors know exactly what they’re doing and being cautious at a time when caution is warranted?

By the way, I am completely over the disappointment.  However, the stent continues to object to its presence in my body.  I thought we were going to try to get along for three more weeks, but I think it changed its mind and has decided we should be enemies instead.  Well, it better not get too cocky because its days are numbered.  In three weeks, this stent will be removed, thrown into the garbage and destroyed with all kinds of other useless things at the hospital.  So it can be cocky now, but I will have the last laugh.  Ha!

Today begins my nervous anticipation stage of the treatment cycle.  It’s the end of week four and I’m two days away from my THIRD treatment!!  I feel great right now, but I know the yuck is coming.  But I also know that the yuck doesn’t last forever and the good days do return.  I can’t believe by the end of the week, I will have three complete treatments behind me and could possibly only have to do one more.  Wow.  And YAY, right?!?

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!


2 Responses to “Beautiful Weekend”

  1. Jennifer October 3, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Rachel “says” she is over the disappointment now but on Friday she asked me to “pray for the doctor’s safety” if he told her he wasn’t taking the stent out. I am very surprised he is still walking on the face of the earth right now. Yes, this cancer has mellowed her some!

    Love, Jennifer

    • rachturner October 4, 2011 at 8:24 am #

      Even before the cancer, I had become a much kinder, gentler person. :) I was just thinking logically. I need him, so I can’t really hurt him. ha ha He was so sympathetic, too, and had good reasons. The upside is that for several days after chemo, my nerve endings go numb including those in the kidney/bladder, so I don’t notice it as much.

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