New Beginnings

12 Sep

I am so happy it is Monday! (Who in the world would say that???) Why am I happy it’s Monday? Because Monday means a new beginning, a fresh start. It means I am putting last week behind me and I now have finished two rounds of chemo. Woohoo!!

The second round of chemo went as well as it could, but I think I feel worse overall than with the first. This was a little surprising to me. I thought my body would have “recognized” the drugs and since I already knew how it would make me feel, this time would be easier. I was wrong.

The fatigue is much worse this time. And I feel queasy pretty much all the time. Just looking at certain foods or thinking about them makes me queasy. (Don’t worry, mom, I’m still eating – I promise.) My skin hurts to touch it. I can’t feel my legs or my fingers. I experienced all of these side effects with the first round and they are common side effects, so I’m not alarmed or surprised by any of them. They just seem more pronounced this time.

I knew I wasn’t feeling good when my Dad called after Auburn beat Mississippi State Saturday afternoon and I couldn’t even work up any excitement. In fact, I cried! I mean, who cries after Auburn beats Mississippi State in a nail-biter (except Mississippi State fans!)??? (I’m wondering if the chemo does something to my hormones because I seem to cry easier, especially those first few days after treatment.)

This is not a pity party, though. On the contrary.

I am thankful that even though I feel pretty yucky, I do not feel worse because I know I could feel much worse than I do. I’m thankful for a husband who keeps reminding me that this is temporary. TEMPORARY.

I am thankful for family and friends who are praying me through the tough days and I’m even more thankful that my tough days are not really all that bad compared to what some people have to endure.

So, for today, I think this is going to be my motto:

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I hope you all have a wonderful day. ♥


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